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tv   Today  NBC  November 16, 2012 7:00am-11:00am EST

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good morning. texas tragedy. a train slams into a parade float carrying military veterans and their families. at least four people are dead, 17 others injured. the chaotic scene, the emergency calls. >> a trailer just got hit by a train. we need as many ems units as you can. >> and the final brave act of a purple heart recipient to save the life of his wife. on the brink, escalating violence between israel and palestinians in gaza this morning. the israeli army now massing on the border. 30,000 reserves on alert for a possible ground invasion. we're live in gaza. and coming to america. the u.s., a beacon of freedom
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and hope for people all around the world. the dream of citizenship about to be fulfilled from these people. they come from different lands with different stories t tell, but they will all become americans live today, friday, november 16th, 2012. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. as we look at statue of liberty live, we are going to witness something really remarkable today on our plaza, and if there's a dry eye left when this ceremony is over i'll be amazed. 30 people who have worked so hard to become u.s. citizens, a wait that sometimes was measured in decades will become u.s.
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citizens on our plaza. >> so many of us take it for granted. those people out on the plaza do not take it for granted. their family members are here to witness it as well. it's amazing. >> one minute families in midland texas are being taken to a banquet and the next utter cha chaos. >> witnesses say the floatas almost across the track when it was hit by a double-decker freight train. investigators are still piecing together how this could have happen. but apparently the crossing gates and warning lights were working properly. let's get right to nbc's janet shamlian inland, texas. janet, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. no other way to describe it. it's an eerie scene out here this morning at the site of this horrifying accident. as you can see behind me, the freight train is still on the tracks at the point of impact. just ahead of it that flatbed trailer with the chairs still bolted on it where the veterans were sitting, and the signs with their names on them, some of those still intact. what we know at this point, 4
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people are dead, 17 injured and one critically and the question everyone is asking this morning. how could this possibly have happened. >> on thursday, november 15th. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a night of joyous celebration in midland, texas, thursday, a parade honoring wounded veterans followed by a banquet in their honor, but in an instant it all turned into a horrible deadly nightmare. >> we need the ambulances on the south side of the railroad tracks. send as many as we can. >> reporter: a flatbed trailer carrying 12 of the veterans and their spouses was crossing railroad tracks when a double-decker union pacific freight train slammed into it. >> this may be one of the most tragic events we've had in our town. >> reporter: michael rodriguez, himself an iraq war vet, heard the crash and ran to help. >> there was lots of people out walking around. we're trying to see if maybe there's any help or anything we could do to help any of them. >> reporter: midland county sheriff told reporter the trailer was almost across the tracks when it was hit.
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some on the flatbed tried to jump and others tried to protect their wives and girlfriends. he called it pandemonium. one of them 34-year-old jjt joshua michael, a recipient of two purple hearts. his mother-in-law says michael pushed his wife off the trailer just before the train hit. his wife survived. joshua michael was killed. union pific spokesman tom lange at a statement said the railroad crossing has lights and a crossing gate. he said the railroad's preliminary investigation indicates the lights and gates were operating at the time of the crash. video taken after the accident show the lights still flashing and the crossing gate down. the parade and banquet were sponsored by show of support. their website said each ways they try to think of ways to thank men and women for their military service. this year it was called a hunt for heros. on the group's facebook page an
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outpouring of sympathy. >> it's really sad because the families have already seen them go off to war, seen stuff that obviously some of them, they were all wounded so they have already had to go through something horrific. >> these guys are te american heros and with the parade at 4:00, pass by waving, celebrating, midlanders lining the street with flags and waving and so proud of these guys. we're all terribly sad. >> reporter: secretary of defense leon panetta has issued a statement saying he's deeply saddened by this tragic accident and that his thoughts are with the victims, the families and this community which i have to tell you is in a state of shock still at this time. the ntsb does have a team on the way. they will be on scene later this morning for a complete investigation. savannah, back to you. >> janet shamlian, thank you. cory rogers is a close friend of staff sergeant joshua
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michael and his family. he's on the phone with us this morning from lubbock, texas. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> of course, our condolences go out to you and your family. i know you've spoken with daylin. i understand her husband pushed her off the float and saved her life. >> yes, he did. i think it was pandemonium more than anything else. you know, i can't even imagine a train coming at you, what reaction you would have, and obviously joshua had the reaction of a real man. >> i know josh had obviously his wife and two little kids. how is the family holding up this morning? >> i think everybody is still in shock, just trying to take the news in. his wife flew back home last night and got to be with the kids. you know, that's not easy news to share with anybody, let alone kids who, you know, have seen their dad go to war and come
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back and just now coming back really in their lives >> you mentioned his service overseas, the heroics you described last night. it shouldn't surprise anyone who knows him. twice decorated. purple heart recipient. served our country twice in iraq. what else would you want people to know about your friend? >> he was just a great family guy and an avid hunter. was a musician, loved to play drums and i go tar, and i got to hear him play several times and just an all-around american hero in my opinion. >> well, he sounds like an extraordinary man and certainly acted with such bravery last night. cory rogers, our condolences to the family and thank you for sharing your story this morning. >> thank you, savannah, and i'll let them know. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and now here's matt. >> david hersman heads up the national transportation safety board. chairman, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> in a statement from union
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pacific they say according to their preliminary reports the crossing lights were working. the crossing gate was working. how could this happen? >> you know, there's always a lot of conflicting information in the beginning of an investigation so when we get on scene we've got to corroborate all of the data with the witness interviews. we'll be looking at the signals and downloading information from the wayside signals and making sure that the gates and lights were coming down. if that was the case, but also there was a forward-facing camera on the train. that will give us some video images if it survived the crash, and we can download it as well as recorders on the train. all of this is important to our investigators to establish the facts. >> i know back in 2003 the law was changed allowing trains to go through midland, texas, increasing the speed from 40 to 60 miles an hour. i think that was to prevent long waits for people at crossings. do you have any indication at this early stage how fast this train was traveling? >> you know, we just got notified about this accident about 12 hours ago. our team is en route. we have investigators from texas
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who are there now meeting with the midland officials. but grade cross accidents are something that concern us. over 250 fatalities at grade crossings and 16 last year in texas. we want to make sure that we can identify what happened and why it happened so we can prevent things like this from happening in the future >> i know you've got a big job ahead of you. it is a tragic story. ntsb chairman debby hersman. chairman, thank you for your time. >> thanks, matt. >> now to the middle east where militants in gaza are on the brink of war. this morning there are signs that israelis are preparing for a potential ground invasion. a report from gaza this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. palestinian eyewitnesses in the middle of the gaza strip say the israeli navy can be seen off the coast. thousands of israeli soldiers have amassed along the border, and the purpose of this
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operation, according to the israelis, is to stop the palestinian rocket fire. from where we've been standing we've been able to hear and see palestinian rockets fired into israel, an indication the fighting has not stopped. for the second night israel hit the gaza strip claiming to hit 100 ammunition and rocket warehouses. overnight palestinians fired dozens of rockets into israel. very few people here getting very little rest. fighting escalated with the first gaza attack reaching tel aviv and there are also signs a ground invasion could be imminent. >> israel is prepared to take whatever action is necessary. >> reporter: israel claims to have hit more than 450 sites in gaza since the operation began wednesday. its stated aim, to stop rocket fire from gaza, but that hasn't
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happened. three raelis were killed by a rocket attack on thursday. this morning, there was an attempted at a brief cease-fire as the egyptian prime minister arrived in gaza with the hopes of brokering a truce and sending a message to palestinians. egypt is standing by the people of gaza and their pain, he said. people took vac of the relative lull in violence to stock up on whatever they could. since israel began its attacks getting food has become more difficult this man explained. hamas has not fired into southern israel and israel fired into gaza with the death toll so far is 19, including 5 children. the latest violence exploded with israel assassinated hamas' military chief on wednesday n.gaza, gunfire, anger and defiance and a creaseless barrage of rockets and missiles, the israeli air force carrying out what it called precision strikes, but in crowded gaza it's the civilians who bear the
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brunt. this child, the son of a local bbc technician, was 11 months old when he was killed by an israeli air strike. savannah, you know, we've been speaking to palestinians here, and the sense they have is fear and anxiety. they are extremely afraid of what could be coming next on the horizon. the focus though is what is it going to take to break this impact now between the palestinian factions and the israeli government? so far there's no indication that there's a truce in place. within the last hour the israeli air force has carried out strikes, including one that killed a palestinian child. savannah, back to you. >> thank you. now here's matt. >> savannah, thank you. ex-cia director david petraeus is on capitol hill this morning being grilled about the deadly consulate attack in libya as his former agency launches an investigation into his personal conduct and admitted affair. nbc's andrea mitchell is in watchington with more on this story. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: all eyes today are on former cia director david petraeus who finds himself under
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investigation by the very agency he once headed as cia investigates whether petraeus used agency resources to further relationship with his biographer predwell, this as petraeus heads to capitol hill today testifying behind closes doors on the benghazi attacks before the house and senate intelligence committees. the nation's former top spy is facing pressure on two fronts. now under investigation by the agency he once headed, even as he prepares to testify before a congress on benghazi. petraeus' testimony is expected to focus on when the cia knew the attack on the consulate was an act of terrorism and not a spontaneous demonstration. on thursday top intelligence officials briefed senate intelligence committee meetings behind closed doors. members say they were shown a realtime video of the entire attack. >> the film is a composite from a number of sources. it is realtime. it does begin from when the incident, before the incident
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started, and it goes through the incident, and the exodus. >> if i could -- >> reporter: meanwhile, petraeus is facing a startling reversal of fortune. after the cia announced its investigation of him, according to letters the agency sent both letters of house thursday. the cia says the focus of the inspector general's probe is whether petraeus used agency resources to further his relationship with broadwell. they were last seen together at a dinner honoring robert gates, the former cia director and defense secretary in washington, october 27th. officials say the cia has been told by the fbi that there's no indication that petraeus misused classified material, but investigation is open-ended. this as new details emerged thursday about frederick humphries ii, the tampa fbi agent who triggered the investigation that led to petraeus' resignation. humphries is a 16-year veteran who played a major royal in feeling ahmed raceiam's millennial plot to blow up
7:15 am
l.a.x. and he's currently an fbi liaison officer and humphries got to know jill kelley in tampa, say people close to kelley, and she turned to him when she and general john allen first received anonymous e-mails last spring that they found alarming. thursday, humphries helped explain that shirtless picture he had sent kelley telling the "seattle times" it was a joke. posing with target dummies after s.w.a.t. practice. it was humphries who apparently worried about a cover-up told republican congressman dave reichert, an old friend about the petraeus investigation. reichert alerted majority leader eric cantor, almost two weeks before the president was officially notified. >> the information that was sent to me sounded as if there was a potential for a national security vulnerability. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder was asked thursday why the president wasn't informed sooner. >> we follow the facts. we do not share outside the justice department, outside the
7:16 am
fbi the facts of ongoing investigations. >> reporter: meanwhile, defense secretary leon panetta has ordered an ethics review for training of military officers, although he says he has no evidence that more military officers could still get caught up in that petraeus scandal. matt? >> andrea mitchell in washington. andrea, thanks. david gregory will have more on the scandal and hearings on the benghazi attack when he joins you sunday on "meet the press." >> let's head to natalie morales over at the news desk for this morning's other top stories. good morning. >> good morning, savannah and matt. good morning, everyone. the president is tackling the looming fiscal club head on this morning. he and the vice president meet with advocacy and civil rights groups today to get their input on negotiating with congress on the irish you. january 1st deadly of expiring bush-era tax cuts and wide-ranging spending cuts has renewed fears of a second plunge into a recession. the record $4.5 billion settlement from oil giant bp is just the beginning. u.s. attorney general eric holder says the investigation
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into the devastating 2010 gulf oil spill will move forward. bp also pleaded guilty to criminal charges connected to the rig blowout that killed 11 workers. holder says much of the settlement money will go to help restore the gulf. now images this morning showing the wrath of superstorm sandy. take a lack at this surveillance film from the new york port authority showing the water gushing into the p.a.t.h. station in hoboken, new jersey, as sea waters were above 13 feet. even now, cannot believe some of the things you have seen. back to you guys. >> thanks, natalie. al is here with a check of the weather. >> quiet on the east. big problems in the northwest. big storm system bringing in rain and heavy rain today into tonight as a combination cold combination low pressure tem system pushes in and brings the heavy rain. one to two inches of rain.
7:18 am
there's going to be a lot of that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> right here, it's an overcast sky. sprinkles and drizzle falling to the south. chilly outside at 43 degrees right now with the wind out of the north at 7 miles per hour. at least we are not getting a gusty wind. you are looking at the areas where the rain is in waldorf. prince george's county and now sprinkles in maryland. a chance of early rain and sprinkles. we'll get >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> all right, al. thanks. now a remarkable story in the wake of superstorm sandy. decades-old love letters that turned up in new jersey. nbc's mara schiavocampo is here with this story. good morning to you. >> good morning. this could be straight out of hollywood. after the storm a new jersey woman came across dozens of letters in the sand. glimpses into history, and one couple's amazing love story.
7:19 am
in atlantic heights, new jersey, amidst the destruction from hurricane sandy, a message in a bundle. washed upped during the storm, a neat pile of letters tied with a pink bow. the day after sandy struck, kathleen chaney was surveying damage near the beach when her 14-year-old son patrick spotted the stack. you knew what they were? >> i watched enough romance at movies. yeah, i just knew. >> reporter: the letters seemed to be in bad shape. >> they were pretty wet and really sandy. i had to kind of dust them off. >> reporter: but after drying by the fireplace, chaney was finally able to read them. 56 handwritten love letters addressed to a darling lynn, signed by your loving dot. the letters didn't just withstand sandy but time. they were written 70 years ago. post marked in the '40s. some penned during world war ii. >> my love, i miss you more than
7:20 am
words can say. my darling lynn, guess this is about the third letter i've written to you today. >> reporter: touched by the love story, chaney began looking for dottie and lynn online. this week 200 miles away in virginia shelly farnham hill bert got chaney's message about the letters on a geneology website and immediately knew it was the story of her aunt dottie and uncle lynn. >> they were always affectionate towards each other. she had a habit in the morning when she went around the bed to go around and wiggle his toes a little bit, okay, time to wake up. >> reporter: dottie was just 18 when she fell in love with lynn in 1941. they were apart for seven years while she was in nursing school in new jersey and he was in the army. they finally got married in 1948, had two children and were together 44 years until lynn died of cancer in 1992. >> that last morning he didn't wake up.
7:21 am
she wiggled his toes. >> reporter: now dottie remembers -- lives in a nursing home. rediscovering the long forgotten words of a young girl swept off her feet, now swept ashore. dottie's niece plans to read those letters to her in the nursing home. >> amazing story. >> beautiful. >> just ahead, lauren scruggs opens up about the accident that changed her life in an exclusive live interview, but first this is "today" on nbc.
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it's cloudy, it's cool. the temperatures this morning, upper 30s to low 40s across the area. sprinkles falling. sunshine breaking out after lunchtime today.
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you are looking at about 30 men and women from all around the world who are about to become u.s. citizens live on our plaza. we're going to see firsthand what their love of this country can teach all of us. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer on a very special day on the plaza. >> looking forward to it coming through in just a while. >> all right. >> also a guy who has been called the next steve jobs, not sure if he likes that description. we'll talk to amazon founder and ceo jeff bezos and get his take on a lot of things, including the upcoming holiday season. >> and tim tebow opens up in a pretty rare interview. why did he trademark tebowing.
7:31 am
does he have a girlfriend? we'll ask the nosey question, and we'll get some answers coming up. but we want to begin this half hour with a tragic accident nearly one year ago that left lauren scruggs severely injured. we'll talk to lauren and her parents in a moment, but first natalie hasmore on the accident that changed lauren's life. >> reporter: lauren scruggs had a bright future and big plans. at 23 she had just started her own website lolo magazine devoted to beauty and fashion trends. but on a night last december her life was forever changed. visiting friends with her mom sheryl. >> we had gone to church lauren and i and went to some friends for dinner afterwards, like we always do. they live on an airport, so we ate dinner, and they decided they were going to do some, you know, recreational flying, go look at christmas lights and everything.
7:32 am
>> reporter: lauren was the first to fly, but as she was climbing out of single-engine two-seater plane, she made a wrong turn that nearly cost her her life. accidentally walking to the front of the plane and directly into the still spinning propellor. >> a girl walked into an airplane prop, i need an ambulance immediately. >> where are you? >> reporter: lauren suffered a brain injury, lost her left hand and tore her eye. paramedics at the scene feared she would not survive her injury but lauren not only survive, nearly a year later she's embraced a life she calls more rewarding. and lauren scruggs is with us exclusively, along with her parents sheryl and jeff. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> can i say how good it is to see is you, lauren. >> thank you, savannah. >> remarkable it's only a year and you're doing real well.
7:33 am
>> doing really well. still doing rehabbing every day and they are actually working me out really hard and i love it, and off all pain medication, and i don't have pain and spiritually have grown a lot deeper in my faith. so, yeah. >> it has been a remarkable journey, and this is really the first time you all are speaking out about that night, and i know you know a lot of people just wonder how this could have happened. what do you remember about that night? >> i remember getting into the plane and i was kind of fearful, i didn't know why, and then i just felt like something was going to happen, and we landed, and i thought that was interesting because i was thinking we might crash, and then i just remember my feet touching the ground, and that's all i remember. >> have you from talking to people, kind of piecing it together, do you have any better insight into why you might have walked in the wrong direction that night? >> my dad actually went to look at the plane, and i was taught
7:34 am
to get out in front of the wing and when you do that you're basically at the propellor so i think i basically just got out on to it. >> sheryl, you were very close by. you were called to the scene and you come upon and see your daughter lying there. it must have been a horrific thing to witness. yeah. it was pretty horrific. yeah, it's still tough today. just -- the lady came running in the house and just said that, you know, lauren was hit by a propeller, and i was just kind of stunned, i didn't really know how to react at that moment because i actually never heard of anyone doing that, so as i gathered my thoughts and just my body, i ran outside and ran to the tarmac, and she was out there laying on her stomach in a
7:35 am
pool of blood, and i wasn't really sure if she was alive or dead at that moment. >> at the hospital, jeff, they gave you some bad news. i mean, they painted a scenario in which lauren may survive but not ever be the same again. >> they warned us that there was a potential that she wouldn't have the same personality and that she may never form a sentence again, but as we can see today that's not the case. >> i want to talk to you about that, lauren, one thing in this book there's a lot of hope and a lot of faith and also a lot of honesty, that this has not been easy for you. >> yeah. >> what's been the hardest about this journey? >> i think the hardest thing is just losing my hand, i think that's it. because it just changes your life and you have to learn things in new ways, but it's also, you know, a good thing and a positive thing because you appreciate life a lot more, and i feel like my joy in life has intensified and even my
7:36 am
compassion for people has just strengthened and i have compassion that i couldn't have had before. >> you've written about the moment you really first saw yourself. your new self and how hard that was. >> yeah. >> it was really difficult. i think it was just a dose of reality, and i was kind of getting off my pain medication so just trying to understand what happened. it was hard to see, for sure. >> when you look back at what happened, do you blame anybody? >> i don't. i really don't. it's just an accident that happened, and there's no one to blame. >> and are you able to do most of what you want to do now? >> yeah, i am. it's amazing how your body just kind of -- i don't know, does what it needs to do and things that were really difficult at the beginning are just -- i don't really think about it anymore, and they are easy to do, so i'm thankful for that. >> well, we're so happy to see you, and i think the back's
7:37 am
title is just perfect ask the fill lolo." you are still yourself and great to have you here. >> thanks. >> you can see more of lauren's store we natalie tonight on "dateline," 10:00, 9:00 central time and lauren will be back tomorrow on "today" and we look forward to continuing the conversation. thanks to all of you. >> now a check of the weather with al. >> what a great story. thanks so much, savannah. a look at your weekend starting off in the northeast where it's sunny and cool on saturday. look for rain and windy conditions along the mid-atlantic coast. out west going to be the big story. heavy rain from coastal california all the way into the pacific northwe the pacific northwest. sunday, sunday, beautiful day in the northeast. still on the chilly side. more rain, windy conditions along the carolina coastline, north carolina and south carolina. more mountain snow in the northwest. sunny in the gulf coast. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> yeah, in our neck of the woods, once again, a chilly
7:38 am
start. look at the cloud cover out there right now. your temperature sits at 43 degrees. reagan national springfield, you are coming in in the upper 30s. same for quantico. look at the wet weather. light showers. they are very scattered and drizzle mainly east of d.c. along i-95. 54 for the high today. >> that's your latest weather, and one of the best parts of being an american, you get to watch sunday night "football night in america." that's right. it's a bitter rivalry. the ravens fly into heinz stadium. will they catch up to the steelers? they relish the fight. clear and cool. 43-47. without ben roethlisberger can they prevail? will they cut the mustard? we'll find out on sunday night "football night in america." savannah. >> you couldn't even get through
7:39 am
that one. we now have the echo, too. it's addictive. see why you're into it, al. thank you. still ahead, oscar winner helen mirren steps by, but next up, a guy that's about to be very busy, the ceo of we'll talk to him right after this. [ man ] hello!!!! hello!!!! [ all ] ohh! that is crazy! are you kidding me? let me see! oh! what! that's insane! noooo! mr. woodson? oh hello! hello! [ whistles ] hello! [ all ] hello!
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let's read the book to him. jingle, stay. and jingle did. ruff! ruff! [ female announcer ] hallmark interactive story buddies. when you read key words, jingle responds. pack new at 7:42. jeff bezos has always thought big. in 1959 he took his love of books and created a little website called 17 years later he's transformed the way we all shop and the way we read with the kindle fire, and the future looks pretty bright for the innovative ceo. this month "fortune" magazine named him their 2012 business person of the year. good morning, how are you? >> doing great. >> a couple days ago you were
7:43 am
disappointed when "people" magazine failed to name you the sexiest man alive, so did this take some of the sting out of it? >> i'm still recovering. >> yeah? >> this is very complimentary in the world of business. one of the venture capitalists interviewed in this article said if you asked who the ceo they admired the most is, he would show you up, on 95% of the ballots. go ahead, can you say something. i know you're modest but that's a big deal. >> the fact is amazon has a pioneering culture so it's a big team of people who are experimenters and innovators, and we're willing to fail, willing to try things. >> and actually lose money in the short term for profits in the long term. >> absolutely. one of our character tis is we're willing to be patient, and i think patience is required if you're going to invent. >> you've got a lot of wisdom. people always try to pick your brain. i've done it in the past. we've got black friday coming up a week from today. who are your thoughts on this
7:44 am
season and on this day? >> i'm very optimistic about this holiday selling season. at amazon we're getting ready to hire 50,000 seasonal people to help us with the peak selling season. i hope it's going to be a record season for us. >> you've got a target on you. a lot of other big box companies, walmart and target, they will offer same-day shipping and that's something you can't offer to all your customers. how big a hit will you take on it in. >> we've always been in a hypercompetitive business, e-commerce, even from the very beginning, has been hypercompetitive. that's good thing and good for the customers, even good for the customers that embrace that dynamic. >> forcing you to innovate as well. >> always. that's what happens when companies and businesses force each other to innovate and we have to evolve, and we are. we're providing better customer experience today than we ever had. people get their goods faster. lower prices than ever. we're ready.
7:45 am
>> one of the areas where the world has become so competitive and all our little devices like the one right here. you've got the kindle fire hd and the kindle paper weight. apple just came out with their new ipad mini. are you willing to say that you can compete fully on that, even in the area of coolness which apple seems to have had a monopoly on for so long? >> you know, i have a lot of admiration for apple. a huge company, super successful, but we take a different approach, so if you look at our kindle fire hd, high definition display, packs a lot of technology into a very low price point, $199 because we don't make any profit when we sell the device. we sell the device near break even and we hope to make money over time as people use the device. they buy e-books and mp3s and buy gains. that's a different approach. it's working for us. kindle fire hd is our number one best-seller globally. >> let me put you on the spot a little bit. 1999 you were named "time"
7:46 am
magazine's person of the year. i was on a panel other day when they are trying to figure out 2012's person of the year. who should it be? >> my goodness. way too hard of a question. >> give it a shot. >> matt lauer. >> it could be barack obama, i mean, a lot of candidates. who do you think it should be? >> you have put me on the spot. i don't know. >> no clue. >> well, think about it and get back to it. >> in an election year obama would be a pretty good choice. >> "fortune" magazine's business person of the year for 2012. that's a big deal, jeff. congratulations. >> thank you, matt. >> appreciate it. good to have you here. coming up next, tim tebow opens up in a rare interview about criticism, about faith and his love life right after this. into their work,
7:47 am
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then choose a texas toast half sandwich, like our classic turkey, served with fries, all for just 6 bucks at chili's. back now at 7:49 with one of the most talked about athletes on the planet. e's jason kennedy sat down with tim tebow, the new york jets backup quarterback. jason, good morning to you. >> reporter: we caught up with tim when he was filming his new
7:50 am
commercial and gave us insight about his situation in new york and his dating situation. tim tebow's transition to the new york jets hasn't been all that he's imagined, and it got even rougher this week with unnamed teammates ripping tebow in the papers saying he's terrible and we don't look at him as a quarterback. tim's response, tebow-like. >> this is something i can't control, but i can control my attitude, my effort and my work ethic. >> reporter: it's the type of criticism tebow has faced since being traded to the jets as the backup to mark sanchez. >> the jets, they have been quiet about what's next for you and your role. what do you hope your role is next for them? >> honestly, i'm just trying to do the best i can with everybody opportunity that i'm given, and when i'm given those opportunities make the most of them. >> i'm excited, let's do this. >> reporter: before this week's headlines tebow reflected on his move to new york from denver. >> still not too easy to walk around. >> reporter: what's that transition been like? >> it's been a whirl win, but it's been a lot of fun. a lot of ups and downs, but, you know, getting used to new
7:51 am
york/new jersey, and i'm trying to contribute to the jets and, you know, trying to win some football games. >> reporter: tebow has also taken steps to protect his on field exhibition of his faith, something known as tebowing. people have their opinions on why you trademarked tebowing, but what is the real for me? >> to me getting on a know and praying is a very special deal for me, a very special moment and for me it was honoring that, and not letting people, you know, try to go out there and make a mock riff it and do a lot of different things, and it's kind of keeping that safe. >> reporter: he also likes to keep safe the details of his dating life. every time i interview you i ask you if you're dating anybody. has the tim tebow dating train ended, or are you still looking? >> i have got asked that a lot over the last two weeks, and when i start to talk about it, jason, i will definitely let you know. >> reporter: you're giving me exclusives left and right. >> i know. >> reporter: i've asked him that question four different times. usually it's a quick no, so
7:52 am
maybe something is brewings, savannah. >> maybe. come on, jason. >> that was good. >> breaking news here. jason kennedy. >> keep trying, jason. keep drying. >> just ahead, dame helen mir ebb. >> 30 individuals become u.s. citizens on the plaza after your local news. hi, i just switched jobs, and i want to roll over my old 401(k) into a fidelity ira. man: okay, no problem. it's easy to get started; i can help you with the paperwork. um...this green line just appeared on my floor. yeah, that's fidelity helping you reach your financial goals. could you hold on a second? it's your money. roll over your old 401(k) into a fidelity ira and take control of your personal economy. this is going to be helpful. call or come in today. fidelity investments. turn here.
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7:56 is your time now on this friday, november 16th, 2012. good morning, i'm eun yang. if you are just waking up, we are following breaking news. an amber alert for a 1-year-old girl is canceled. the parents abducted her in virginia when a judge ordered to hand her over to social services. they were found in prince george's county. we are working to find out exactly where. we'll bring updates when
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
it's friday and sure would be nice to get sunshine. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson here. we have an overcast sky here. the temperature 44 degrees. other locations in the 30s. we are rising. we are going to see high temperatures 50 to 55 degrees after the morning drizzle. danella? >> delays in the district. if you are traveling southbound heeding to new york avenue, a crash was blocking the left lane. you are seeing delays. now, it is out of the road way. back to you. >> thank you. another news upd
8:00 am
it's 8:00 now on a friday morning. it's also 16th day of november, 2012. take a look at our plaza. normally it's called rockefeller plaza. it could be called citizenship plaza. this morning we've got 30 people from 22 different country. some of them are professors, nurses and even some have served in our armed forces. all here for the same reason. this morning in a live ceremony, a first for morning tv, they will become american citizens. we'll find out what it means to them and also it will be a great reminder of what it should mean to us.
8:01 am
>> absolutely. >> i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie and al roker. >> and also dame helen mirren has stopped by to tell us about her new movie. >> and we have queen noor here today. she's going to be joining forces with a very lofty goal. her majesty queen noor of jordan and former cia officer valle plame, both here to talk about something that's very near and dear to their hearts. >> a busy morning, no question about it. let's start this hour over at the news desk where natalie has a look at all the headlines. >> good morning, matt, savannah and al. good morning, everyone. the ntsb is on the scene of a deadly train crash at a here's parade in midland, texas. officials say at least four people were killed when a freight train rammed a parade float that was carrying wounded veterans and their spouses. 17 people were injured. union pacific sent a preliminary investigation shows that railroad safety lights and gates were operating at the time.
8:02 am
fighting intensified today as israel and palestinians in gaza traded fire for a third day. palestinian rockets rained down on israel, including several that landed in tel aviv. israeli forces showed signs that they were preparing to widen their response with troops massing along the border, and navy ships visible off the government. egypt's prime minister visited hamas leaders today and called for an end to the operation. hostess said they are seeking a bankruptcy's court permission to go out of business. the maker of twinkies, ding dongs and wonder bread does not have the resources to weather a nationwide strike by bun of its largest unions. drug charges against jon bon jovi's 19-year-old daughter have been dropped. paramedics found stephanie bon jovi unresponsive from an apparent heroin overdose at hamilton college in upstate, new york. state law offers certain legal protection for overdose victims. now for a look at what's
8:03 am
trending, a quick roundup of what has you talking online. guy fieri's food fight with a "new york times" critic has turned into a five-course feud online. now trending is his "today" show appearance to defend his times square restaurant and the icing on guy's cake, dr. phil's comments that "times" employees held an event at the same restaurant on the day the review was appeared. frito lays says the coffee toffee will be marketed exconclusively to adults. and vice president joe biden got a lot of love from amy poehler on "parks-and-recreation" and things got a little too close for comfort, when you check it out. >> i just want to say congratulations for your public service. >> i just want to say thank you. >> well, you're very welcome,
8:04 am
you're very welcome. >> thank you. >> you're -- you're very welcome. you're very handsome >> i think we're all done. >> while he may not have reciprocated the love on screen he posted his excitement on twitter with this behind-the-scenes shot. pretty cool. >> he's got acting chops. >> that is really uncomfortable. all right. thanks so much. our friends here from california wonder where these guys are from? who are those guys? a bunch of weird looking, freaky all right. let's check the weather and see what's going on. we'll show you the pick city of the day. philadelphia, pennsylvania. nbc 10 got a big marathon this weekend. sunny, cool, 53 degrees. stephanie abrams running in that this weekend. wet weather along the mid-atlantic coast. central california over the next 24 hours, one to two inches of
8:05 am
rain. snow showers in the pacific northwest. sunny skies with a beautiful high pressure system taking over the great lakes. it's on the chilly side. look for fog in the central appalachians. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. a chilly, cloudy start like so many days this month. we are going get sunshine in here later today. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. good morning to you. you are at 44 degrees right now. largo in new carrollton, 42 is the temperature. oakton and great falls at 39. there's a little bit of that drizzle. again, moving out with sunshine cong our way. the high today, 54. this weekend, low to mid-50s. >> and our future u.s. citizens are all staying very chilly so they will be nice and fresh for their citizenship ceremony. savannah? >> all right, al, thanks. as natalie just mentioned hostess cupcakes and twinkies
8:06 am
and snowballs could be no more. the company is going out of business. the company's ceo is here. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> not happy news. why is it that the company could not reach a deal with its unions and stay in business? >> you know, it's been very difficult. we've reached deals with a number of our union, the largest union, the teamsters, and they actually supported the deal that we offered, and they have been crossing the picket lines and trying to support the business, but the bakers union i think, the leadership of that union made a decision that they are willing to sacrifice these jobs because they don't really want to have these kind of concessions from other companies. >> we're talking about the loss of 18,500 if the company goes out of business. i have a statement from the bakers union. despite greg rayburn's insulting and disingenuous statements of the last month the truth is hostess workers and the union have absolutely no responsibility for the failure of this company. that responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of the company's decision-makers. >> i've been pretty straightforward in all the town hall meetings i've done at our
8:07 am
plants to say in this situation i think there's blame that goes around for everyone. >> is this really the end of the road for hostess or can i be blunt? is this some kind of negotiating tactic to get the unions back to the table? is this really it? >> it's over. >> no more twinkies. >> this is it. >> thank you sir, for being here. we appreciate it. >> thank you. and we'll go back to matt. >> savannah, thank you. the great dame helen mirren has one academy award and getting a lot of buzz for her portrayal of the wife of the legendary director alfred hitch kok. it's centered around the making of one of the most memorable movies of all time, "psycho." >> thinking of killing off the young lady and star halfway through. you are intrigued? >> i think it's a huge mistake.
8:08 am
you shouldn't wait until halfway through. kill her off after 30 minutes. >> dame hillen, nice to see you. welcome back. >> maybe the best slogan on a movie poster ever. behind every psycho is a great woman. does that just describe this? >> it does. i would say alma was shoulder to shoulder with alfred rather than behind him. i think she was his partner in work. she was his partner in life, obviously, and she, which i didn't know anything about alma, certainly in the shadows. the spotlight was on alfred, but she -- people who know say there were four hands on alfred's movies. two of them were alma's, so she was very proactive in the creation of all his great works >> you know, i'm sitting here, and i think we should remember that a large portion of our younger audience watching may not be all that familiar with who alfred hitchcock was. >> this is true. of course. >> describe his impact on the movie industry. >> well, you know, the effect of
8:09 am
alfred hitchcock and any filmmaker obviously will know who alfred hitchcock was because to this day they are very influenced by alfred hitch could, and many of the young, especially the young horror film-makers or the thriller film-makers will always cite alfred hitchcock as one of their inspirations because he was so ahead of his time in terms of creating suspense and drama. he was known as the master of suspense. >> you're wonderful in this role. sir anthony hopkins loses himself in the role of alfred hitchcock. do i have to play some kind of an extra fee when i have a dame and a sir in the leading roles in a film like that? >> i should think so. >> you going back to the stage? >> i am, i'm going back and doing "the queen" again which is, you know, not a challenge. well, it will be a challenge, maybe a mistake, but i'm looking forward to it. i'm doing a play called "the
8:10 am
audience." >> one of the things we've learned about you over the years it's never a mistake when you take on a great role. wonderful to see you. last time was in london. a joy to hang out there. >> an amazing experience. london was so great. great to see you guys in london. so great for me. i could disconnect, you new yorkers. >> there you were strutting your stuff. how often do you get to see dame helen mirren like that doing the speedwalk in olympic park. >> great to have you here. this movie is called "hitchcock" and it opens november 23rd. wonderful to see you. >> thank you, matt. >> up next, a woman from played a queen to a real one. we'll talk to her imaginity queen noor of jordan and a special moment when these 30 individuals become u.s. citizens right on our plaza, but first these messages. the boys use capital one venture miles
8:11 am
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and now with added ingredients social security are just numbers thinkin a budget.d... well, we worked hard for those benefits. we earned them. and if washington tries to cram decisions about the future... of these programs into a last minute budget deal... we'll all pay the price. aarp is fighting to protect seniors with responsible... solutions that strengthen medicare and... social security for generations to come. we can do better than a last minute deal... that would hurt all of us. back now at 8:13 with two women taking on a big challenge. her majesty queen noor of jordan and former cia operations officer valle plame are leading
8:14 am
in an initiative called global zero. the goal to eliminate nuclear weapons around the world. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> you have your work cut out for you, don't you? >> we do. but we're joined by 300 other leaders of the movement and young people around the world, so it's not just the two of us. in fact, it's quite a large team. >> your majesty, you recently said something that we're really at a tipping point, almost the point of no return where there could be no chance to try to reduce nuclear weapons in the world to zero. why is that? >> well, proliferation since the period of the 1980s when president reagan launched a process. his vision was zero, and he launched a process that cut american arsenals by 50%, and russian as well. they worked on this together. since that period of time proliferation has reached out into other parts of the world, and said we have 19,000 weapons that are some not well secured, some in very volatile regions, and we have the threat of
8:15 am
proliferation extending even further into the middle east. >> and i want to pick up on that with valerie. this is something you worked on when you were at the cia. some people might look at this and think, well, wait a minute, as long as nuclear weapons are in the hands of responsible countries, why is zero the goal. it has to be the goal. i'm absolutely involved in my position, working in a covert capacity at cia, i was doing operations to try to make sure that either -- that bad guys, whether they are rogue states or terrorists do not acquire nuclear weapons, but i've evolved in where the point now nuclear technology is so widely available. the proliferation of weapons. far beyond where we were at the height of the cold war where it was just the united states and russia, and now i think we have to drain the swamp. there is no other way, a sane way ahead >> you worry about rogue states, of course. you worry about terrorists. you worry about accidents. have you a movie "countdown to zero" which makes this argument
8:16 am
in a really compelling way, and it telling the story of one russian man who actually tried to sell nuclear material to al qaeda. >> yes. >> the vignette of that was rather a low level worker in a uranium plant in the former soviet union, and he knew that by taking -- he could secrete very small amounts of highly enriched uranium, and he had a buyer that was a representative al qaeda, and the whole reason that he wanted to sell that was so that he could get a refrigerator. i mean, for him that was what -- that's all it was to him, a means to, you know, make his personal life a little better. >> queen noor, when you look at this and say you want the u.s. to lead the way and russia to lead the way in reducing nuclear arsenals. the counterargument is wait a minute all the bad actors in the world are racing towards more nuclear weapons. can we really afford to do that? >> it's the united states and russia who have 90% of the world's arsenal of nuclear weapons do continue to make the
8:17 am
deep cuts that started during reagan, that obama has built up, that president obama now in his next term could make with the russians, significant credible cuts in, then the rest of the nuclear states will join a process that will make it much more difficult for any other state to acquire weapons and for any state that has weapons not to join that process. we believe that is the only way, global zero believes that's the only way, to shift from our current course towards disaster to one which promises a more peaceful world. >> queen noor, great to have you here, valerie plame, you as well. the website is appreciate it. thank you. coming up, you're about to meet the people who are about to become u.s. citizens live on our plaza. into their work,
8:18 am
8:19 am
their name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small. ♪ ♪
8:20 am
[ girl ] dear santa... ♪ dear santa, i want a ballerina tutu, a pink bike, a unicorn night-light... [ female announcer ] this year, bring their wish list to life. [ girl ] ...princess doll, markers... we're back with a very special morning here on "today." what does it mean to become an
8:21 am
american? well, how hard is it to leave everything you've known behind for a chance at a better life? for millions of people living in countries all around the world, this country is still a beacon of hope and opportunity, and we're very honored this morning that several people have decided to share their journey with us. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation -- >> every morning across this country schoolchildren pledge allegiance to this flag. words like liberty and justice for all may not yet resonate with these young faces, but for thousands of immigrants who become american citizens each year, the journey to find the true meaning of those words has taken courage and sacrifice. >> i'm from bulgaria. >> from iran. >> afghanistan. >> i'm from france. >> i was born in venezuela. >> south africa.
8:22 am
>> hait. >> india. >> i'm from philippines. >> i'm from guinea, west africa. >> senegal. >> just like from many of our ancestors the road here has been long and the americans to become those americans has been recorded in decades, not years. >> 10 years ago. >> 12 years ago. >> 4 years ago. >> 20 years next month. >> i've lived here basically my whole life. >> 24 years. >> but wait they do to find their own american dream, each one deeply personal. >> my american dream is to become a fire fighter. >> my daughter at the school. >> my american dream has to become an american. >> to create my own leg. >> i to be a successful woman. >> to pursue the happiness. >> today that's my american dream. >> right now it means that eventually i'm going to get to vote. >> my american dream is to buy a house in maine.
8:23 am
>> you don't have to become like a billionaire. it can be your own business. it can be your own dream. >> learning how democracy works. >> taking part in the rights i'm helping to defend. >> each story unique, but one word the same. >> the freedom. >> the freedom. >> the freedom. >> the freedom. >> the freedom. >> definitely the freedom. >> and like those before him poughkeepsie, new york, pizzeria owner agram left his war-torn country of kosovo at the age of 18 to find his freedom. >> i never take my freedom for granted. i cherish every second of this beautiful life over here. >> as a kosovar albanian, he and his family not only feared for their livelihood. >> you open a business, they would come and break it down, put a tank through it. >> but for their lives as well. >> we got so scared. we knew they would come after us sooner or later. >> he likes to say he arrived in this country poor but rich in
8:24 am
heart and as he's about to become a citizen he's never felt richer. >> 22 beautiful years i've spent in this country and i move i've got many more. >> growing up in somalia this woman also knows about the hardship of war. >> that's why i want to be here. >> and now as she prepares to become an american she's already dedicating to helping the country she says helped her, working with the homeless in the bronx. >> it's a great country. >> are you deploying today? >> airman jorge contreres arrived from peru two weeks before nevin and only 14 at the time he knew one day he's serve to protect his nation. >> i want to thank this country everything it's given to me and my family. >> at the base he prepares the troops for dedeployment. jorge has been deployed twice
8:25 am
before in iraq and now he'll have the same rights that he's been fighting for. >> this is the life i chose. >> for all three their journeys have been different but each has led to today, to this one moment to say. >> i'm american. >> i'm american. >> i'm an american, and i am so proud. >> god bless america. >> we are americans. >> i'm an american! >> thank you, america. >> thank you very much. >> i am american. >> thank you, america. >> i'm american. >> we're american. >> i'm an american. >> i am an american today and forever more, yay. >> yes, i'm american citizen. >> and here we are joined by jorge, agram and fatoon and 27 other citizen candidates in the crowd. no nerves at the moment? >> it's a little cold. >> noner snfs.
8:26 am
>> no. >> it's been great. >> a long time coming? >> and for you, a little nervous? >> it's cold. >> can i tell you something? i'm nervous. i'm looking forwardill take the. they will become citizens after your local news. 8:26 is your time now on this friday, november 16th, 2012. good morning, i'm eun yang. starting tomorrow, the 495 express lane will be open. the stretch of toll lanes runs between springfield and dulles toll. drivers will be able to drive 45 miles per hour even at rush hour. you will need an easy pass. let's check traffic. danella sealock is here with the traffic. >> thanks. 395 is sluggish at duke as you make your way toward the 14th street bridge. you are under speed. it's friday, not bad. 17 minutes from the belt way to the 14th street bridge. back to you.
8:27 am
8:28 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything. inching toward a brighter sky, we have mostly cloudy skies throughout the area right now. in fact, a little bit of sprinkles falling east of i-95.
8:29 am
44 is the temperature at reagan national. coming in at 37 degrees. we have 37. the high today, 54.
8:30 am
8:31 am
♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ of the brave? ♪ ♪ o'er the land
8:32 am
of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave? ♪ that was lee greenwood singing "the star spangled banner" to wick off what we think will be a very emotional and touching half hour as we welcome 30 new u.s. citizens to our plaza and to this country, and it is cold out here, but i think a lot of hearts were warmed when we heard our national anthem in this moment. >> for those of us who were born in this country oftentimes, and this is not something that we're proud of, we take our rights and freedoms for granted. the people who are gathered here today and their supportive families do not take them for granted and certainly won't a little later this morning. >> a lot of people criticize this country, but the fact is a lot more want to be part of it, want to become citizens of this country, and it is a dream for so very many, and that's -- those dreams are about to be realized for this group of
8:33 am
folks. >> it's amazing. it's amazing to witness this, and i think all of us will get teary-eyed in a moment. before we get to the ceremony, the citizenship napolitano. >> al has the weather for us. tomorrow, a beautiful day in the northeast. on the chilly side. warmer than today. we have a lot of wet weather from the pacific northwest coast to the california coast with heavy rain. mountain snow as well. on sunday, sunday, we expect to see plenty of sunshine in the northeast. still on the chilly side. the rain continues in the pacific northwest with the mountain snows. the gulf coast is looking fabulous. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. right here, we start with a look at the radar because the sprinkles to drizzle is now fading. so will the clouds before long, too. i'm expecting sunshine and temperatures that rise to a high today of 54 degrees. weekend, low to mid-50 z.
8:34 am
the most sunshine coming saturday. as we look toward next week, the coastal storm off the coast. clouds around on monday. thanksgiving day couldn't be better. 60 degrees with sunshine. very nice >> and that's your latest weather. >> when we come back, these 30 people will become american citizens in a very moving ceremony, but, first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:35 am
♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
8:36 am
we're back now. 8:30 on a friday morning. very important morning here on "today" because the 30 people who are gathered here on this stage are about to share an important moment with us, the moment when they become american citizens. >> so without fort ado we want to turn it over to the u.s. director of u.s. citizenship and immigration services and he'll
8:37 am
be followed by our director of homeland security janetno who will administer the citizenship oath. i'll turn it over to you. >> thank you, matt, thank you, savannah. it's an honor to be here this morning. today marks a very special day in the lives of those seated in front of me, but it also marks a special day for the united states. through their many contributions each new citizen that we welcome enriches who we are as a nation. candidates for naturalization, please stand when i call your country of nationality and remain standing for the administration of the oath. argentina, brazil, burkina-faso, canada, china, colombia, dominican republic, ecuador, france, india, ireland, israel,
8:38 am
ivory coast, kosovo, panama, peru, philippines, serbia, somalia, sweden, switzerland, thailand, togo. it is now my honor to introduce our nation's third secretary of homeland security, janet napolitano. secretary napolitano, i present to you 30 candidates who have applied to become citizens of the united states. each of the candidates has been interviewed by an officer of the u.s. citizenship and immigration services and unless exempted by the law has demonstrated the ability to read, write and speak words in the english language. each has demonstrated his or her knowledge and understanding of the history and the principles and form of government of the
8:39 am
united states. secretary napolitano, i recommend that these candidates be administered the oath of allegiance, thereby admitting them to the united states citizenship. >> thank you, thank you, al. thank you and thank you to our hosts and producers and staff of the "today" show. this morning's ceremony allows us to highlight the importance of citizenship, its privileges and its responsibilities. so it's my honor to administer the oath of citizenship to you. it's a long oath. it goes back hundreds of years in our nation's history, but please raise your right hand and repeat after me. i hereby declare -- >> i hereby declare. >> on oath. >> on oath. >> that i absolutely and entirely. >> that i absolutely and entirely. >> renounce and be a dewer.
8:40 am
>> renounce and obdure. >> all aliege answer and fidelity. >> to any foreign prints, potentate, state or sovereignty of whom or which. >> of whom or which. >> i have heretofore been. >> i have heretofore been. >> a subject or citizen. that i will support and defend. >> that i will support and defense. >> the constitution and laws of the united states of america. >> the constitution and laws of the united states of america. >> against all enemies. >> against all enemies. >> foreign and domestic. >> foreign and domestic. >> that i will bear true faith. >> that i will bear true faith. >> and allegiance to the same. >> and allegiance to the same. >> that i will bear arms. >> that i will bear arms. >> on behalf of the united states. >> on behalf of the united states. >> when required by the law.
8:41 am
>> when required by the law. >> that i will perform non-combatant services. >> that i will perform non-combatant serieses. >> in the armed forces of the united states. >> in the armed forces of the united states. >> when required by the law. >> when required by the law. >> that i will perform. >> that i will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law. i take this obligation freely. >> i take this obligation freely. >> without any mental reservation. >> without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, new citizens. >> please be seated. i am honored to be the first to
8:42 am
call you my fellow americans. you have worked long and hard for this. with a single solemn oath you are now u.s. citizens with all of the privileges and responsibilities with come with being the citizen of a great nation. this great nation, the united states. i urge you to consider the great privilege, the new rights bestowed and the importance of your new responsibilities. today's ceremony marks the end of your journey towards citizenship, just as it marks the start of your new life as american citizens. you are so deserving of congratulations. let's give it up. you know, each day we welcome more than 3,400 new citizens to
8:43 am
the united states, 30 of whom are members of the u.s. armed services at ceremonies like this across the country. during these events we often play the song god bless america. it's now my distinct honor to ask recording artist lee greenwood to join us once again to sing god bless the usa. >> thank you, this is my privilege to do this as well. i wrote this song 30 years ago because i believe this country is worth fighting for and supporting and for all of us as americans i embody this song. and if you know the words, please sing along with me, okay.
8:44 am
♪ ♪ if tomorrow all the things were gone and burnt from my life ♪ ♪ and i had to start again ♪ i'd thank my lucky stars to be living here today ♪ ♪ because the flag still stands for freedom and they can't take that away ♪ ♪ they can't take that away ♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me ♪ ♪ and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today ♪ ♪ but there ain't no doubt that i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the usa
8:45 am
♪ from the lakes of minnesota to the hills of tennessee ♪ ♪ across the plains of texas, from sea to shining sea ♪ ♪ detroit down to houston and new york to l.a. ♪ ♪ for the pride in every american heart and it's time we stand and say ♪ ♪ that i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me ♪
8:46 am
♪ and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her till today ♪ ♪ because there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the usa ♪ and i'm proud an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me ♪ ♪ and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her till today ♪ ♪ because there ain't doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the usa
8:47 am
>> lee greenwood, thank you, and congratulations to proud new 30 fellow americans. we're back with much more on this very special morning on rockefeller plaza, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ >> well, as we welcome 30 new u.s. sit sense, one of the first things they get to do it, of course, take the pledge of allegiance. >> jorge contreres, will you do me a favor and step forward, and why don't you lead your fellow americans in the pledge, if you will. >> my pleasure. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag and to the united states of america, and to the republic for
8:50 am
which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> very well done. >> so you told us weren't nervous? >> not anymore. >> but i watched your face during that, and it seemed like something came over you a little bit during the middle of that ceremony. >> just being here with everybody and my family, you know, it's such an honor. i'm so thankful for this. >> some of your friends down in the front row there as well came to witness this. >> yes. >> which must have been special for you. >> oh, yes, it is. the camaraderie, you know. we're a team. >> and when you're taking that oath, are you thinking about how hard it was to get here and the road that you traveled? >> all the way, yes. it was. >> agram and fatoom, why don't you come forward as well.
8:51 am
did it feel like you thought when it was happening? >> i feel like i'm born again. it's an amazing day for me and my family, and to share this with everybody else. it's great. >> very emotional. i just couldn't believe it. i'm so excited. so happy >> i think i might have seen a little tear in your eye. >> i was very emotional. nice to be an american. thank god. >> we're so happy for all of you. we'll talk a bit more with you when we come back. >> you'll get the certificate. one of the most important pieces of paper you'll have. >> make it official. >> cool. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
welcome back to rockefeller plaza. it's a really special day here. we have just had the privilege of witnessing something remarkable but that happens all the time in this country, and a lot of us probably take it for granted. 30 individuals this morning shared a once in a lifetime moment with us. they became u.s. citizens. >> they are being handed their certificates of citizenship right now by secretary napolitano, and we, of course, wish them well as they now set out on their lives here in this country. >> i don't know about you, guys, but i got a little bit teary-eyed, and when you look at the faces of these folks, and, you know, they are thinking about the journey they took to get here, it's really special.
8:54 am
>> that's what makes this country great. >> decades long for a lot of them to become u.s. citizens so it's really remarkable. >> and as we watch them get that all important piece of paper, that will be proudly be displaying in the days and weeks to come, we congratulate them and wish them the very best. and we'll be back after your local news. >> it is impossible to overstate how shocked those who know david petraeus are. >> yet more trouble for the military this morning. >> now john john allen is involved. >> thousands of residents in the northeast still reeling two weeks after superstorm sandy. >> the one and only mr. willie geist, welcome. >> happy willie geist, day. >> you're in, baby. >> there's no turning back. >> a photo that's touching people all around the world, 3-month-old joey. mom, tell me what you think the expression is right now. >> i think he has to go to the bathroom. >> whitney cummings, good morning to you. >> hi, good morning.
8:55 am
>> robert de niro, good morning, welcome back. >> bradley cooper. >> bradley cooper is there. >> erica levin. >> can you even -- >> can i just say how good it is to see you, lauren. >> thank you, savannah. >> they will take the oath. >> the symbol of the holidays, the rockefeller christmas tree is on the way. >> kick one, everybody, here we go. >> this line goes all the way down the block. >> what time did you get here? >> 7:00 a.m. friday. >> you took showers last night. thank you for that. everybody in the line thanks you for that. >> i want to say that i'm m-m-m-matt lauer. >> could i look any dorkier. >> sexiest fans in rock 'n' roll. >> happy to be back. >> i love you, too! >> this is without a doubt the largest crowd we have ever had for a concert. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, new citizens.
8:56 am
♪ so crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun ♪ ♪ i know we always pretend it's love ♪ ♪ and never, ever ever stop for anyone ♪ 8:56 on this friday, november 16th. beginning to look a lot like christmas in virginia. in 30 minutes, santa did a test run on the 495 express lane. he's on his way to the workshop. the 14-mile stretch of toll lanes runs between springfield
8:57 am
and the dulles toll road. danella sealock is here with a look at the first 4 traffic. >> good morning. love seeing santa in the drop top there. let's talk about the accident here. if you are traveling the beltway, the outer loop to 50 as you head eastbound, the right lane is blocked by an accident there. traveling on the beltway, the outer loop to i-270, under speed, not by much. 19 minutes to get there from
8:58 am
8:59 am
it's mostly cloudy now. the temperature is 46 degrees at reagan national airport with a drizzle.
9:00 am
and we're back now with a special edition of "today" on this friday morning, the 16th of november, 2012. we've had a great half hour. if you missed it, we're sorry because we just had 30 people from countries all around the world sworn in as our newest american citizens in a moving ceremony, and they are still getting their certificates now and mingling with their families. look at that. >> yeah. >> a very proud young lady right there. >> spectacular. >> that says it all. >> 22 countries that come for a chance at the american dream. >> it's hard not to get a little emotional yourself when you watch that. you do take it for granted and when you see that and know what
9:01 am
went into getting that moment for them, it gets you every time >> i think all americans should see this ceremony. >> kids this weekend. >> it makes you appreciate what we take for granted. >> we'll continue to spend some time with them this morning. also want to tell you coming up this hour our friend bradley cooper is back with us talking about his new film "silver linings playbook." ask him what's wrong with his philadelphia eagles more importantly. >> that's not nice. >> is that how you treat a guest? >> him, yes. >> all right. >> another hollywood hunk to talk to, "twilight" star kellen lutz is here, and also ahead some of michael jackson's most prized possessions are going to be -- going up on the auction block, from the crystal-encrusted gloves. willie really has his eye on those, to the jackets from the bad tour. >> a little outside of my price range. >> are they pretty left? >> yeah. >> i would imagine. >> natalie is standing by at the news desk. she has a check of the headlines. natalie. >> good morning to you guys,
9:02 am
once again. good morning, everyone. federal investigators are on the scene of a deadly collision in midland, texas. on thursday four people were killed when a freight train slammed into their parade float carrying wounded war veterans to aanquet of honor. among the victims was a two-time purple heart recipient. 17 others were injured. early indications show that the train may have not seen the decorated flatbed approaching, even though the crossing gate and lights appeared to be working at the time. intensifying rocket barrages overnight between israel and gaza have the region teetering on the brink of war. israelis and palestinian militants exchanged hundreds of rockets as the jewish state moved tanks and troops towards the gaza strip for a possible ground operation. this mornings the heaviest fighting between the two in four years touched off by israel's air assault on wednesday to strike back on rocket fire from gaza. general david petraeus testifies on capitol hill today a week after his bombshell resignation as cia director. he'll address the deadly attacks on the u.s. consulate in
9:03 am
benghazi, libya. on thursday lawmakers watched video footage showing that raid in a bid to uncover why intelligence reports did not initially indicate that the assault was a terrorist act. it the the end of an era for twihard everywhere. the final saga opened today nation wie. nbc's jen no wolfe joins us this morning. >> reporter: it's the end of the world of "twilight," no more werewolves or vampires or steamy love triangles involving werewolves and vampires. after five installments, it's all over, and fans are none too happy about it. it's a relatively simple premise. >> it's about a girl who falls in love with a vampire. >> she falls in love with the werewolf, too. >> two different species come together. >> bella has to choose between who she wants to be with you.
9:04 am
>> like "days of our lives" on steroids. >> reporter: throw in billions in merchandising and keep the series going as lange as you can. "twilight, breaking down part 2, the" the long-awaited fifth and final chapter of this saga is finally here. >> oh, my. >> reporter: and fans weren't going to miss it no matter how long they had to wait for the opening. how many hours have you been sitting here? >> about 12. >> reporter: why would seemingly normal people wait hours and in some case days in line just to be the first to see this movie? >> because i'm obsessed with it. it's like my favorite book series. >> i am ready for it. i can't wait to get in there. >> reporter: together edward, bella and jacob have helped the franchise bring in more than $2 billion. the trio of robert pattinson, kiss trend stewart and taylor law then bring along a cult following. >> i've never been in a room where the audience was
9:05 am
screaming, sleeking, during the movie. i think that's going to happen throughout opening weekend and the run of this film. >> reporter: the end of the saga too much for some to bear. >> i'm just like overwhelmed because it's the end. >> reporter: end of? >> "twilight" and that's it. this is part two and that's it. >> reporter: when are you going to do when all that is over? >> that's the question. what am i going to do when this is all over? >> reporter: i think she's going to be okay. i'm fairly certain. if this movie fares as well as the others have, it will bring in about $700 million, which will bring the total after five movies to $3 billion which leads up to one big question, are you sure they can't make a sixth? >> natalie. i think stephanie mayer can work on another book. >> reporter: absolutely. >> kellen lutz, one of the vampires will be on coming up in a little bit. supersized triplets are now in the running for a place in the "guinness book of world records." they had a combined weight of more than 20 pounds when they
9:06 am
were delivered in sacramento last week. mom brittany dean had to eat up to 6,000 calories a day, including a dozen eggs, while her babies were growing, but she says it was all a positive experience, and she's already shed 50 of the 85 pounds she's gained. that is remarkable. and they are beautiful. it is 9:60. let's go out to al with a check of the weather. >> wow. i remember i used to do that in college, but i wasn't carrying triplets. gorgeous kids. a lot of chilly folks out here. was it kind of cool watching that cermony? >> yeah, that was awesome. that was awesome. >> wasn't that great. let's show you what is going on as far as you what we have going on as far as the weather is concerned. a big storm system coming from the west. bringing rain and the rain is going to really increase over the next 24 hours from los angeles all the way up into the pacific northwest. take a look. show you as far as the rainfall is concerned over the next 48 hours, we are tauging upwards of four to five inches of rain.
9:07 am
up to 24 inches of snow in the mountains of california. especially in the upper elevations. winter storm watches and winter weather that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. right here, we are seeing the clouds break up very gradually. it's how the sunshine is going to come to us today, too. the temperatures are rising. upper 30s to mid-40s right now. 46 degrees reagan national with a light wind. you can see where 39 degrees in montgomery county. stafford and wall dolph, 44 degrees. the high today, 54. again, more sunshine for saturday. the brightest >> and that's your latest weather. now back inside to willie. >> all right, al. thank you very much. now to one of hollywood's biggest stars. bradley cooper dropped by our studios earlier this week, and i forced him to come back today for a think. three times now, something like that?
9:08 am
>> something embarrassing. >> it's close. >> starring in the film "silver linings playbook" which is getting some great reviews. >> want to share this? >> why did you order rasin bran? >> why did you order tea? >> because you ordered rasin bran. >> i ordered rasin bran because i didn't want there to be any mistaking it for a date. >> it can still be a date if you order rasin bran. >>ow is your thing going, the dancing think? >> that's good. how is your restraining order? >> it's going good. >> the 9:00 hour, natalie morales hits me in with the barry manilow hair. >> appreciate that. >> not getting any breaks in this room. >> you're part of the family, bradley. >> i think we also say welcome to the former sexiest man alive,
9:09 am
bradley cooper. a lot that have good stuff going on. >> geez louise, how about another one? what's up with the eagles? eagles fan. 3-6. >> because your giants are doing so well. >> we're in a slow patch. in a slow patch. >> i have to say that nick foles, backup quarterback, in philly on wednesday, and 6'6", 16 shoe, 21 years old, hell of an arm, i'm excited. >> he's a big boy. talking earlier about your role in this film, which as i said, is getting great reviews and your mother says she sees a lot of you in the character. you're a philly guy, an eagles fan, but he's also bipolar. >> got anger management issues, and a song can trigger a violent episo episode, yeah, that's very autobiographic. >> how did you take that critique from your mom? >> she meant it. after we did an intense scene, she's like bradley, it's like you're not acting. my gosh, what does that say? >> you watch that movie and, yeah, it's a complicated group
9:10 am
and there's a little bit of insanity there, but you see your own family in some places which is to say we're all a little messed up but in the end it's about love and you rally around each other. >> and david o'russell, all he cares about is making an authentic movie about a certain group of people that you can relate to. that's always the goal which is to make it real which is so scary for me because you've got to go to some places. >> a little too close to home. you and jennifer lawrence have great chemistry in this film. >> she's amazing. >> all comes back to the ballroom dancing. did you ever see yourself doing a movie when you're doing a little tango? >> we talk very much about "pulp fiction" and that scene between travolta and uma thurman. >> that clip doesn't really show that. >> that was in the early rehearsals. >> but it's a very bipolar dance they do, but it's a heck of a way to meet somebody, to be in a very tight -- >> wow, wow. >> that's it there you go.
9:11 am
>> that will help you get to know your costar a little bit. nice to meet you. proves we had no stand-in, us for better or worse. >> not bad. i first met you when the first "wedding crashers" movie came out, "wedding crashers" and the first "hangover" movie and then do "limitless" and then did de niro. seven years ago i burst on to the scene and here i am with the hero heroes. >> never felt like there was bursting going on. we went back and did a little q&a and the fact that i'm here on the "today" show, the whole thing is really crazy. >> so you're a humble guy as you just displayed. >> grateful. >> sexiest man alive, a smart guy, a good guy and on top of all of that you do this to the rest of us. let's watch this clip right
9:12 am
here. [ speaking french ] >> bradley. >> what an idiot. >> i guess my question is -- >> screw that guy? >> when is enough enough for you? how about leaving a little room for the rest of us. >> that's not cool. we were talking about de niro. i guess i wanted to ask you, how to put this. [ speaking french ] >> "today" show with subtitles.
9:13 am
bradley cooper, "silver linings playbook" is the film. good to see you. up next, some of michael jackson's most iconic fashions going on the auction block. a preview after this. one. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, i earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas! no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i buy most. [ woman in pet store ] it's as easy as... [ all ] one! -two. -[ all ] three! [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. more time to enjoy delicious meals, less time cleaning up. jcp. all for easier, we were talking about de niro. a preview after this. smoke?
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and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. michael jackson was known as the kick of pop and for 20 years he re lied on two men to outfit him and some now of his iconic outfits are set to hit the wardrobe block. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> michael, tell me, what was it
9:17 am
about michael that made it so interesting to design for? >> i guess it was the world stopped to look at it. it's one of those things, and michael's intention was to have people inspire other artists with what he was doing and to take notice about what he had on, visual art. >> how many creative freedom, did you have? >> it was 50/50. we'd sit down on the table. i had a piece of paper, he had a pencil and he had a pencil and i would draw and he would erase and we came up a game plan of what we'd come up with. >> martin, it's been three years since his passing. have the value of the items increased since then? >> continues to soar. becomes more and more collectible worldwide, truly amazing. >> let's talk about some of these items. michael, tell us about this one. >> this is the one michael wore on the bad tour in 1987, '88 and '89. one of my favorite ones, cover of the book. one of the most photographed
9:18 am
jackets he ever had on. on our newspaper prints, tv. iconic michael jackson. >> what were you going for with this look? >> over the top. did we achieve it? did it work? >> i think so. i think so. >> then again, that regimented military style that michael imprinted, his style, and that was the beginning of the bad, you know, metal look. >> bad to dangerous, of course. >> this is -- it's got like the bullets on the belt, what's going on there? >> carried the theme of the album, dangerous, and then, again, the military designer coat, a lot of military belts in europe had bullets on their belt so we just did a plastic version of it. >> this belt. this belt actually has bullets in it. >> yes. well, this is -- it's prop bullets from hollywood. >> oh. >> he wore this in the super bowl halftime 1993 so this was sort of in conjunction with this jacket. this is the touring jacket for
9:19 am
dangerous tour. they couldn't tour with the belt so they have the plastic one here. >> and he was a pretty good artist, too, wasn't he? >> yes. then again, like that multi-level of showmanship, and the best thing was to watch him sit in a hotel room and draw on a sheet next to him with a sharpie. >> the walls, mirrors, anything was a canvas for him to be artistic on. >> 20th anniversary appearance when he did that amazing dance and the glove. tell us about that. >> the moonwalk. >> when you think of michael jackson you think of the gloved one and the making of the glove was a very specialized process, working with the crystals, large crystals down to crystals at your fingertip. when people think of jackson, they think of the glove. >> what is it about michael about that performance that just still to this day, when people talk about michael jackson, they talk about that performance? >> it's an iconic michael. michael said i wore the glove
9:20 am
for years and no one noticed. i think it was the power of television and the way it was performed, the lighting. all the stars aligned for michael that night and the glove was there. >> this looks uncomfortable. >> actually what that is is a european fencing shirt from the olympics actually. >> and we just made it michael jackson style. white spandex, made it out of gold pan decks. >> and loved the flaps because when he would move it would cool him down. >> and this is like the version of the "seinfeld" nacho shirt. >> did with the duet with janet. >> one of the most expensive videos made at the time. >> really. >> in the guinness book of world records. >> when do these go on the auction block? >> december 2nd at our gallery in beverly hills so we have a full on exhibition with everything on display. everybody is welcome to come.
9:21 am
>> and good luck on the book tour. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you very much. >> and still ahead, hollywood heartthrob kellen lutz on the final "twilight" film, but first these messages. ba
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
baas. still to come on "today," former olympian and world cha champion skater todd eldridge graces the ice with his family, including his 5-month-old son. >> and one of the stars of the "twilight" saga.
9:25 am
>> that after your local news. ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. challenge the need for such heavy measures with olay. regenerist micro-sculpting serum for firmer skin in 5 days.
9:26 am
pretty heavy lifting for such a lightweight. [ female announcer ] olay regenerist. good morning. it's 9:26 on this friday, november 16th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get a check on the forecast. here is veronica johnson. >> thanks a lot, aaron. after a few morning clouds and some sprinkles, the sprinkles end, the clouds part clearing from west to east today. we are at 46 degrees right now with some relatively dry air back to the west of us and a north wind at 5 miles per hour. 43 leesburg. 45 in annapolis. the high today, 43 degrees. sunshine, low
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning. 66 eastbound as you make your way past nutley street, a crash
9:29 am
blocks the right shoulder lane. right now, from fairfax county parkway it takes 14 minutes to get to the beltway. >> y
9:30 am
♪ ♪ i'm gonna show you how to do it and we start real slow ♪ ♪ put your hands together and you come real slow ♪ >> that is flo rider kicking off a big week for us next week out on the plaza. our triple play thanksgiving concert series beginning monday with flo rider and tuesday kesha will rock the plaza and on wednesday mr. 305, mr. worldwide, the man from miami, pitbull will get us dancing into the holidays. so come down next week only on "today." one direction. >> a lot of great music. >> so cool, too, pitbull and flo
9:31 am
rider, along with mr. lester holt. >> i like willie saying 305. >> why erica won't be here much longer. >> meantime, just ahead, a different kind of live entertainment on the rock center link. three-time olympian and former world champion todd eldridge will show off his skating style with the whole family, including a 5-month-old. >> and if you're hosting your family on thanksgiving we'll show you how to host them with creative decorating ideas for the holiday table, and a bittersweet day for all the "twilight" fans out there. the final film in the series will open today. we'll talk to kellen lutz about it just ahead. >> you all right, natalie? >> let's say hello to lester and erica and find out what's coming up on "weekend today." >> rushing to the theater to see
9:32 am
it. >> i already saw it. >> the latest on general petraeus as he deals with the fallout from his affair. the former cia chief testifying on capitol hill today about the attack on the u.s. compound in benghazi. does he hold all the answers to what really happened there? we're going to find out. also, following a bizarre story out of belize where the millionaire founder of mcafee software is wanted for questioning in the death of his neighbor. he's in hiding changing locations every few hours and talking to reporters. >> such a story. also ahead this weekend. cheerleading may not be recognize the as an official sport but comes with just as many dangers and injuries, so should there be tighter regulation? and new ways retailers are trying to get you into their stores for black friday. did you know that's just around the corner? all that and more this weekend on "today." i feel like it kind of started in this october at this point. >> it did, absolutely. thanks, guys. >> a check of the weekend weather for us. >> all in all, not too bad. a little on the c not too bad. on the chilly side in the east.
9:33 am
plenty of sunshine. windy along the coast. wet weather. california up to the pacific northwest along the coast there. sunny and mild through the gulf coast. sunday, sunday, we have more rain and wind along the carolina coast, coast of the carolinas. mountain snows, sunshining through the ohio river valley, mississippi river valley to the gulf coast. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> it's friday. all we need is a little sunshine to help us out today. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. look at the skies. 46 is the temperature with a light, northerly wind. sunshine should help take us up to a high today, 54 to 55 degrees. this weekend, saturday, sunday, 53 to 52. the brightest day with the most sunshine saturday. look at the sunshine, thanksgiving day, 60 degrees fo and, of course, sunday night, best night of the week, why? because it's time for sunday
9:34 am
night "football night in america." this is a good one. it's a real tough rivalry. the ravens fly into heinz field. will they catch up to the steelers? will they relish their chance to do this? will i keep doing condiment jokes? clear and cold. i don't know if i can cut the mustard or something like that. 43-47. that's right. it's a good excuse for sunday night "football night in america." >> you're catching on fast here. >> totally. >> and everybody who became citizens this morning on the plaza realize what they get. >> but they still wanted to be americans. >> yes, they do. >> there you go. even more reason to. all right. coming up next, we're going to sink our teeth into the last "twilight" film with kellen lutz right after this. ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my way ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪
9:35 am
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9:38 am
as you know by now, the day every "twihard has been waiting for, "the final saga in theaters and we're joined by kellen lutz from the blockbuster series. good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> is it sort of surreal that this is it, it's done, over with? >> just exciting. we all have a severance accomplishment so you make the goals obviously after doing the first movie. no expectations. i didn't know it was a book series so every movie we got to do after i read the books is just a plus, just exciting. a good time in life. >> what has it meant to you, kellen, personally but also professionally? we've asked some of the other co-actors in here over the last week or so. how has this series changed your life, not just as an actor and professional but you personally?
9:39 am
>> well, career-wise, it's opened up so many doors. one of the hardest things in hollywood, a shortage of work and surplus of actors who want to be an actor. i love what i do, and i'm sure everyone would love to do it, but it's really given us that name, that golden ticket that's opened up doors so we can choose more and manage our careers in ways we wanted to. personally i love traveling. love seeing parts of the world. very personal and i love people so it's really allowed. allowed another passion of mine, traveling, to go and meet the fans from all around the world. >> there's a bit of a special twist to this. it's a little different from the way the book ends from what we've been told. >> a little embiggishment but it's amount. it's move land, and there is room for embellishment but we stick to the book, the ending, and i love it. we end on such a high note. at the premiere watching it with
9:40 am
the fans, i felt i was at a justin bieber concert. >> people screaming. >> emotions. >> exactly. >> can we get to the arm wrestling. >> you armle kristen stewart in there because she's a new vampire, super strong. i'm no new vampire but come on. who wins it, come on, let's go. we'll do it like this. >> oh, my gosh. >> took me two seconds. >> no nothi. >> want a rematch. >> she quick picked you. >> you're doing a 3-d tarzan. >> best job, loved it. no hair, no makeup, get to play tarzan himself. >> that's cool. >> fun. >> a lot of action which seems to be you're cut out for that. >> comes out july 25th, already. >> looking forward to it. >> fantastic. >> kellen lutz, thanks for letting me win. coming up next, decking out your thanksgiving table on a budget, right after this. [ diana ] power was very important to me.
9:41 am
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we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin with no added sugar, just one glass equals two servings of fruit. very fruit-tritious. or, try ocean spray light 50, with just 50 calories, a full serving of fruit and no added sugar. with tasty flavors like cranberry-pomegranate and cranberry- concord grape, it's like a fruit stand in every bottle. know... demonstrating how we blend the fruits. try all our tasty ocean spray 100% and light 50 juices. this morning on "today," celebrate thanks giving, taking your holiday table from dull to
9:45 am
decked out. here with some fun and affordable ideas is a lifestyle editor from quite a center piece. >> it's easyiest and most dramatic centerpiece i've ever made. >> what kind of feathers? >> these about pheasant feathers, a super easy idea. i like to start with a focal point when i'm decorating a holiday table. you take some feathers and throw them in a vase and you're done so if you don't want to get into flowers. flowers can be really expensive, too, a really easy option. you can get these at craft feathers floral and they come in $2 and come in all different lengths. >> i love this table cloth here. tell me about this. >> thank you. >> table cloths are a real secret weapon of mine. i like to use this to mask a table that's seen better days. really festive. you don't always have to buy a
9:46 am
table cloth. i love going to the fabric store and buying burlap, some of my favorite materials and drape it underneath. >> that's what we have. >> want more color, use a smaller table cloth on top from wisteria and so pretty and fun. >> and the plates are gorgeous. >> at guilt we love a fanciful plate, and this table is more from traditionalists. why not try something a little different this year. you can get them at all modern. a great woodland theme. we have owls and pheasants. >> but what i love about this table setting, each of these pieces, you can kind of use year round. >> absolutely. >> and then lighting. >> the candles. >> absolutely love to switch off, you know, mix and match styles, like this great hurricane. it's from lulu in georgia and mix that with this polished antler candlestick. >> let's move over here to the more modern table and once again these great centerpieces, the
9:47 am
effect of all these topiaries together. >> what we love about topiaries is they are appropriate for every holiday so for thanksgiving, christmas, you know, a baby shower, they always work, and these start at $12 at jemali garden and we pair it with the modern take on the cornucopia, and this is ceramic. great for thanksgiving and put fruit in it for every day. >> and more place set. >> more modern patterns. love these by jonathan adler, so chic and set them off with a great charger, $4 at pier one. gilded jewelry for your table. >> really beautiful. >> and throw in modern glasses. these are from zara homes. >> didn't know they had a home line. >> and now let's move over to the kiddie table because the kids need to have fun, too. they will have fun sitting at this table with the giant
9:48 am
crayons. >> these are birch twigs, and you can get them at chasing fireflies, and we love giving kids something to do while we're eating and enjoying, you know, one another. >> you see the great inspiration for the ideas here. virtually out of team but more on the website. thank you. >> thanks, natalie. >> great stuff as always. coming up, world champion and sixtime national champion takes to the rink with his family, but first this is "today" on nbc. [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller. [ sally umlaut ] it's greek-style yogurt.
9:49 am
this greek style yogurt has style. you can say that again. why thank you. this greek style yogurt has style. okay. stop saying it now. you're sending me mixed messages. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy.
9:50 am
this morning on "today at the rink," world champion todd eldridge, and today he's brought along his family, his wife sybrina, and their kids harrison and rider here to present the
9:51 am
musselman family skating. good morning. >> i don't know what to congratulate you on first. >> got married six weeks ago, had the baby five months ago and you're back on the ice after hip replacement surgery. >> a big year for us, excited to be here. >> get in there, get in there. >> i have to ask as a father. i'm a little concerned but carrying the-5--month-old baby around the ice. fair to say he should be a world champion skater to pull that off? >> he's pretty good. >> he's going to be all right. >> tell me about the musselman's applesauce tribute. >> it was a great show. we went and skated. you see all the different families. we had olympic champions and nancy kerrigan and paul wylie and to be on the ice skating with them and to see these guys backstage playing tag, it was a lot of fun to do and just kind of fun to have a family to do it
9:52 am
with now and enjoy skating. >> do you like skating with your family? >> yeah. >> what's your best move on the ice? >> usually i like -- usually i'm pretty long on one foot. >> okay. >> for a long time. >> who is the best skater in this family of skaters? >> this guy. >> okay. >> he's well trained. >> there you go. >> media training. we'll let you take it away and us a get yourselves into position here we'll tell our audience that the eldridge family will be skating today to jewel's "that's what i do." eldridge family, take it away. ♪ ♪
9:53 am
♪ ♪
9:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:55 am
>> thank you, eldridge family. musselman's applesauce family skating tribute airs sunday at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on nbc. kathie lee and hoda next after your local news. test test
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:57 on this friday, november 16th. i'm aaron gilchrist. veronica johnson has look at the outside, we are seeing the forecast. >> that's right. clouds move out of here and temperatures quickly rising. look at that. we have a blue sky. 47 degrees is the temperature right now. a look throughout the area, mid-40s to upper 40s currently. we hit a high today of 54
9:58 am
degrees. the sun is coming in. 54 today. sunshine tomorrow, 53 the high. clouds on sunday. dry for any travel next week. sunshine and 60 is the high on thanksgiving day. >> still checking the roads and seeing the accident 66 eastbound. what's happening is the right lane is blocked by the crash there. you have to get over to the left. still a bit sluggish. 19 minutes from fairfax county parkway. it's how long it will take you on 66. i-270 is clear. a live look at father hurley boulevard. aaron?
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody, welcome to try day friday, november 16, 2012. >> here's to you, the opening of your show, "scandalous." >> thank you, hoda, thank you for being there, the entire "today" show was there. we have a lot to tell you about, but we're going to do it on monday. >> that's how we roll. >> we have stuff to be edited. >> we have a lot happening. >> by the way, tonight i am
10:01 am
sitting down with christina aguilera, i want to give you a sneak peek, because she sang to me. i don't know if it was to me, but she sang. >> oh, good. >> let's watch. >> when you were little, you lined up stuffed animals and gave performances. what did you sing to your stuffed animals? >> the sound of music. that was the thing that made me want to be a singer, julie andrews up in the hills, "the hills are alive." that soundtrack is a piece of my heart. that was my musical release at my age. >> what song did you like the most, what did you like to sing? >> i can recite them all. >> give me a little something. ♪ what will this day be like ♪ i wonder what will my future be ♪ ♪ i wonder this could be so exciting to be out in the world to be free ♪ ♪ oh what's the matter with me
10:02 am
♪ i've always longed for adventure ♪ i could go on, but you know that song, right? >> i love it more now. >> that's an interesting part. most people are like -- ♪ the hills are alive >> it's going to be tonight. >> amazing score. do you know who did it? >> who did it? >> one of the greatest combinations ever in the history of musical theater. >> i don't like quizzes. >> who wrote the music and lyrics? >> kathie lee gifford. there's a new trend in videos, you guys. we thought we were getting sick of it until now. this one deserves to be shown. >> you send out birthing announcements, hey, we had a baby. >> you want to say, who hasn't? anyway, here is a new trend in videos, people are sending the links. michael laroux found out he and
10:03 am
his wife and family were expecting. this is adorable. they caught the whole nine months-plus on tape. let's watch. ♪ ♪ hey do you hear that sound ♪ it's the sound of love ♪ it's the sound of music ♪ it's the sound of a new star ♪ hey it's a shooting star ♪ >> oh! ♪ >> oh, my god. >> like the last miracle birth
10:04 am
still. little oliver wolfe laroux was born november 1st. a normal birth announcement will soon be following with "lock up your girls." we have another story about a man who is very upset after his wife had a baby, and he looked at the child and realized the child wasn't cute. >> this is unbelievable. he's suing his wife because the baby is ugly. >> offended by his newborn looks. the problem is not only did he think the baby was awful looking, he claimed the baby didn't look like the mom or the dad. >> here's what happened, they did a dna test, did prove it was, in fact, their child. the mother had $100,000 of plastic surgery before meeting the father, so he had no idea what was going on and he sued her and he won. >> the judge agreed and ordered the wife to pay him $120,000.
10:05 am
you know what, first of all, did he not look at pictures of his wife when she was younger, growing up? >> what kind of a person is horrified -- not only is the child ugly, the child horrified him. i think the lady got off easy, if he could get rid of him for $120,000, never has to have anything to do with that man again for the rest of her life. >> she knows what kind of man she married. >> she should have done research too before she married him. what side of the bed do you sleep on? the right or the left? do you sleep on the side closest to the door or the other? i sleep away from the door, always slept away from the door. my ex-husband slept by the door. so did -- anyone. >> so did pretty much the 7th fleet. [ laughter ] got a little reserved sign on the pillow.
10:06 am
whoever shows up that particular day. >> i sleep on the side away from the door, closer to the window. i don't know why. >> if you happen to be there alone -- >> i always sleep on my side. >> even when you go to a hotel? >> yeah, never sleep in the middle. which side do you sleep on? >> always sleep on the left side, away from the door. here's the thing, frank doesn't hear anything. >> intruders? >> the children, intruders, alarms. that's frank. that might as well be frank. >> think about how you pick your side, if you did it. >> it's been so long. >> i don't think i consciously decided, just always slept on the other side. i would think i don't like it cold, my side is where the ac always is. i don't know why i sleep over there, but i do. >> they say people who sleep on the left are not as grumpy. >> when you're lying on your stomach? or back? >> on your back, if you're on the left side of the bed, you're
10:07 am
not as grumpy. >> when you're lying on the left? i sleep away from the door. >> where's your door, hoda, right or left? >> on the other side of my bed. look, if i'm laying in my bed -- >> now america's snoring. if we are in bed together, all right -- >> wait, no, wait. where's the door? >> hoda! we're in your bed right now. where's your door, point, just point. i'm not facing this way, okay, okay, okay. my door's over there. i'm on this side. >> then you sleep on the right. >> i sleep on my side. today is geography awareness week. this week should be fun with you today. national geography week has been all this week. who knew? the national geographic society wants to make sure we're
10:08 am
geoliterate. >> they say we don't know anything about the globe, which is true. i'm embarrassed by what's going to happen when he take this quiz. >> let's go. >> we thought it would be fun. >> only if you're watching us. which continent is the largest exporter of wool? >> australia, b. >> hadn't even come up yet. >> a, b, c, on the bottom. you need glasses. >> i say b. >> we're right. >> we are? >> which state produces more cool, pennsylvania, west virginia, or wyoming? >> west virginia. >> west virginia! >> wyoming, it is wyoming? >> that's what it says, can you see? >> no, i can't see, but thank you for asking. this country is the world's widest exporter of cork. >> how did you know the answers?
10:09 am
>> i saw the answers earlier. >> i'm going to say spain. >> is it portugal? >> congratulations. >> is there a wine -- >> no. but you know what we are going to have? kathie lee's friday funny. >> this is from facebook fan rob kemp. very cute. a lady was told by her girlfriend taking a milk bath would make her skin soft and supple and younger looking. once inside, she showed the milkman into the bathroom and hopped in the tub. as she was naked, she asked the milkman to ready the milk. he asked would you like the milk pasteurized? no, right up by my boobs will be fine. past your eyes? naughty boy. >> now it's time for bobbie's
10:10 am
buzz. >> we have a special guest today, georgia. if you look at everybody at home in that camera. this is a t-shirt by ladedadee. the outfit is -- >> that's so cute! >> really cool. the tees come with velcro bikinis. you can switch out your fashion. you really like the yellow. and what's so great, you can do that on bags, even tees for big girls like me. >> hello! >> georgia's going to stick around to help me show off. this is from lazoo. tammie has two little girls at home. she is our boss around here. look how adorable the clothes are. they have characters on the girls. >> look at the little boys!
10:11 am
>> what's special is there's a whole world online to educate kids about their books, but the characters on the clothes, you can get an actual plush doll that match. you can have the buddy on your clothes. last but not least, for every parent who's gone through the i lost my lovie situation and that's all the kid wants back, it's a registration process that will help you tag the lovie and get it back for your little one. >> if you've had a child in love with their lovie, you know how incredible crucial that is. >> thank you, sweetie. >> thank you, bobbie! >> it's try day friday, this is dessert. >> we have something great for you, just in time for thanksgiving. these are called stuffing cookies. $24 for a dozen on
10:12 am >> they are good. you know why? >> they are not too sweet. >> there's the cranberry in there. they cook stuffing. >> to wash it down, leslie sbrocco has given us wine. not any after taste. >> i'm into this. all right, a family that plays together, stays together. how to bridge the generation gap at your holiday gathering. jackie weaver tells us about her latest film that hollywood is all buzzing about with oscar talk. i got this snapshot thing from progressive, plugged it into my car, and got a discount just for being the good driver i've always been. i'm just out here, snap-shooting it forward. you don't want to have to pay for other people's bad driving, do you? no. with progressive snapshot, you don't have to. i'm going to snap it right now. bam, there it is.
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yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin the new film "silver linings playbook" is about an adult son living with his parents after being released from a mental health facility. >> jacki weaver plays the mom
10:16 am
and robert de niro plays the dad when he's surprised his son, pat, played by bradley cooper returns home. take a look. >> don't worry. >> what did the doctors say? the court listens to the doctor. >> don't worry. >> okay, okay, congratulations. >> thank you. what are you doing with yourself? >> start a restaurant. >> how are you going to pay for it, with your book making? >> who told you that? >> mom told me. >> i guess it's true. hi, jacki. how are you? >> great to see you. tell us about your son in the movie, what his issues are. he's clearly got some mental health issues. >> he's bipolar and his wife and he have split up because he caught her in the shower with another guy. he's got severe anger management problems, as does the dad. i'm making it sound like a really gloomy picture, but it's very moving, but it's hilarious.
10:17 am
it's really funny as well. >> sometimes the only way to deal with those heavy themes in life is a sense of humor. >> life is funny one minute. >> and tragic the next. >> you had to lose your accent for this film? >> i was really keen to be authentically philadelphiaen. i had some serious lessons. >> did you? >> i think i passed. >> well, this oscar buzz is not unfamiliar to you. you've been nominated before. >> incredible. that was incredible. you know, i've been working in australia since i was just a kid, started when i was a schoolgirl. in fact, my very first job as a professional actor was the 12 of november 1962. this week it's 50 years i've been acting. >> can i say mazeltof?
10:18 am
>> how did this role come up? >> you must have been against some incredible american actors for the role. >> i had to meet david russell, who's an extraordinary director, he's amazing, amazing. hi to meet him in philadelphia when i was doing a play in d.c. i had to later on do an audition on skype. >> that is weird. >> doesn't feel real at all. >> you did it right there in front of your computer? >> with my american accent. >> the whole thing. >> somebody else reading the other part? that's crazy. >> i still got the part. >> unbelievable. kelsey has to do that all the time. it's unreal feeling, isn't it? >> it's strange. it was an amazing experience. and i get a lot of people in australia saying i've been robert de niro's wife and bradley cooper's mother.
10:19 am
they are both so gorgeous. bradley cooper is a doll. have you met him, he's 6'4". >> we see him a lot. he's gorgeous. >> i'm under five feet. the crew was saying how could you be his mother? >> looks like the milkman. >> his real mom came on set and she's smaller than i am. maybe a little. >> we wish you great luck with this, jacki. >> thanks for coming to see us. >> all the best. >> nice to meet you. >> you too. >> "silver linings playbook" opens in select theaters today. coming up, we salute thanksgiving with all american animals. >> first, these messages.
10:20 am
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here's sara with a few questions from our facebook folks. >> you always joke about snacking, hoda, what's your go-to snack right now? >> poptarts, blueberry-iced
10:23 am
poptarts. there's a case in my office. i'm scared, because in a box there are, like, six. three packs of two. okay. i am going through. >> how many calories? >> don't know. >> kathie, do you ever finish anything off, other than wine? >> i've never had a complaint. >> next up, ms. sara. >> tina, what is the best movie you've seen lately? >> i just saw it. you know what i just saw last night, two nights ago, "love actually." it was on hbo. >> you've always loved that. >> you know when you're clicking, oh, my god, it's on. what about you? >> i haven't seen a thing. i haven't seen a thing. i'm looking forward to all the new movies. i go from this studio to a theater for the last two months. >> back and forth. >> been home one day a week for two months. i can get back to being a real
10:24 am
human being now. >> kathie hasn't seen the light of day. hoda, you recommended gone girl recently, what are you reading now or what do you recommend? >> i finished "killing kennedy" and "killing lincoln." i read them in, like, no time flat. those are the two. i haven't read since then. >> i'm in the middle of lee woodruff's book, "those we love the most," i think, is the title of it. i got gripped from the very first second. new book called "unglued," i'm in the middle of that one. looking forward to the holidays. i love to get lost in books and movies. >> thank you, sara. coming up, we're going to tell you how to bridge the generation gap. all the american animals for thanksgiving. hopefully, they are not going to end up on your table. >> is that alive?
10:25 am
>> leslie sbrocco is serving up holiday wine to a charity that gives back. how to keep an eye on your babysitter when you're not at home after your local news. only six degrees separate the body temperature of chocolate lovers from the melting point of chocolate. so when you take hershey's chocolate and add bubbles, it deliciously melts the moment you take a bite. hershey's air delight. it just might make you melt. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers
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10:30 am
we are back on this try day friday with more of today holiday family gatherings. >> here with a few ways to bridge the generation gap in the holidays. >> this is a great topic. >> it certainly is. >> you know what, what we want to avoid is family gatherings where the teens and tweens on their devices and nobody's interacting. >> first of all, it's where we sit. most of the time there's the kiddy table and adult table. >> here's what you want to do, bring them back to the main table, but make it accessible
10:31 am
and friendly for the kids. it's from the paper source, it's elegant and beautiful, but you can put on some crayons for them to color, as well as these place mats that are paper. don't be afraid. i found these bamboo plates, you don't have to give them your china, you can give them beautiful plates that aren't breakable. and this game is a guess who. we had relatives put on some trivia about themselves and then go around and guess who it is. >> that's cute. >> make it accessible and fun for the kids and grownups to interact. >> plato said you can learn more about a person in an hour of play than you can in a year of conversation. we're going to add place limits. these are some games good for the whole crew. this is touchy feely. >> what's this? >> you take a card like this, then you reach in and try to find what's on the card. great for toddlers because there's no reading and great for
10:32 am
grandparent, because he can't hear. can you find it? >> yeah. >> simple game, but you want to set the games up. >> that's cute. >> i love this game, it brings gambling and trivia together. >> we want to teach our children that. >> they love it, they really do. and then like the telephone g e game. color forms, grandma will remember color forms. this is from marbles to brains store. i love this store, brainy games. balloon-making kit. lay these things out so everyone is encouraged to play together. >> take us to our family tree. this is cute, very cute. >> this is just a fun idea that's going to be used as a story starter, story launching pad. get some branches and you copy some pictures of all the guests at memorable moments in their life. then you really encourage the
10:33 am
relatives and kids to tell the stories behind that picture. >> that's clever. >> it can go on your buffet or table. >> very sweet. >> moving down. >> here's the thing, nobody can resist a photo booth, weddings, celebrations, people are renting photo booths and they are very, very expensive. all you need is a blank wall and paper. these are from the paper store. i want you to grab some props. these are also from the paper store. i found these polaroid cameras are still around. >> we like those! >> someone has had too much chardonnay. >> why did i get this one? whatever. >> you encourage everybody to gather around. here it's going to work for me. got some pictures taken at the photo booth. >> look how it comes right out. i miss everything that's old. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. good to see you. something for the whole family. dave is here with
10:34 am
all-american animals for thanksgiving. >> uh-oh. >> right after this. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your dtor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and with the support system it worked.
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10:37 am
♪ it's time for today's call of the wild. national wildlife federation david mizejewski is with us. >> thanksgiving is less than a week away. that's why david's here with turkey and other animals native to north america. >> good to see you.
10:38 am
does he know what's up? >> he knows what's up. this is the domestic version of the wild turkey. it has the brown feathers the way the wild turkey would. wild turkeys are amazing, found all across north america. once almost wiped out because of unsustainable hunting and habitat destruction, but we've got these birds, they sometimes show up in people's backyards. >> they are very prevalent out in connecticut. >> with the holiday season kicking off, national wildlife federation is launching a brand new kid's magazine to get kids reconnected with wildlife. i brought you guys copies. >> kids love animals. >> national wildlife federation, we're about the wildlife, but also about the kids. >> this guy's going to roam around? >> when we go to the next animal, he'll go back in. i'm going to have one of you guys hold the next animal, if i can find him in here, an alligator. this is a baby alligator. >> that's cute. >> who wants to hold him?
10:39 am
grab him like that, cup him in good. i'm going to hold his big friend here. >> he's actually kind of sweet. >> look at this one. >> this is another endangered species success story. almost wiped out because of unsustainable hunting. good conservation laws allowed us to protect these guys. this is only about a 6-year-old. that is a hatchling. they can get 12, 13-feeting long. amazing, amazing animals. found only in north america, just like the wild turkey. >> do they have emotions at all? >> they are reptiles, not the way we mammals do, but just because they don't, doesn't mean they don't deserve protection. i'll rescue you from the little guy. >> sweet actually. >> in a reptile sort of way. >> next down here, beaver. >> beaver alert. >> this is a species the
10:40 am
colonists would have been familiar with, their fur, really, really great water-resistant fur. it was important for the trapping business and all that. you can check out this amazing tail. >> his flat tail. >> this is the biggest rodent in north america, by the way. >> that looks huge for a beaver, doesn't it? >> beavers can get to be 60, 70 pounds. >> wow. >> this guy is really not as big as they actually can be. >> and the dams that they build are beneficial to other wildlife as well. >> these guys are important. unlike human beings, as we change the environment is bad for the environment, beavers form wetlands other species could move into. he's important. >> what else does he eat besides bananas? >> vegetation and he likes to eat tree bark. he has teeth on them that are so much enamel that are bright orange. these guys chop down trees and build dams with them. >> you don't want to get in
10:41 am
front of an angry beaver. >> bring out the owl. >> let me put the baby alligator away. the last animal is another species that would have been -- >> what are they called? >> barn owl. these are a species native to europe. european colonists would have been used to seeing these guys. these animals can find prey in pitch darkness. >> you're kidding. >> tests have been done on these species, they've removed every iota of light. they are called barn owls, because they are one of the few species that can live in human structures and benefit from our building. >> is that okay on your hand, looks like he's breaking skin. >> this is the first time you haven't been pooped on or bleeding. the turkey did enough for everybody. thank you so much, dave. >> thank you. all righty, have a look-in on your kids when you're not around. that's coming up after this. ah.
10:42 am
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10:45 am
10:46 am
now on today's tech gadgets to help you keep an eye on your home. have you ever wondered goes on in your house while you're not there? >> while you're trying to see what the babysitter is up to, mario armstrong is here with gadgets to help you keep a covert eye out. >> have we come to this? >> we have, unfortunately, we have. we have busy lifestyles days, mom and dad working, kids coming home from school, you have the babysitter, pets. people want to have an eye's view. >> it can be a good thing or done for more perverse things. >> let's stay on the positive today. >> let's check out the babysitters and puppies.
10:47 am
>> this is a camera you plug into an ac outlet. costs $149, but it gives you live video. a free app on your mobile devices. you can see if i pick this up and move it around, you'll see the camera on the ipad start to move. the cool thing is, you can do this so bambino is at home, he's your dog, right? >> missed me while i was in the theater. >> talk to him by hitting talk. >> bambino, mommy loves you, mommy's coming home. >> so the speaker's actually on the camera. and it kind of plays back. >> he's bipolar already. >> traveling, want to sing lullaby. >> let's get sneaky. >> standard ac adapters you plug into your wall outlet, but they are hidden cameras. right there a camera. it's motion activated.
10:48 am
it can record up to 16 hours of video. >> any time someone walks by that outlet it's going to go off. >> no signal, obviously. >> no signal. they think it's a standard wall outlet. >> if you were really paranoid, you could have them in every room. >> right now people are running around their homes checking the wall outlets. >> i don't want to live my life like that, wow. >> what's next? >> up next is the alarm clock. this is a real alarm clock. >> this one i like. >> it does do what an alarm clock does, but there's a camera here as well. to get the data off of it, you just connect it to your computer. >> plug it in. >> you can actually see the video. >> say that's the one your lover takes on his out of town trips. >> oh! that's a good one. or your spouse even. >> would make a lovely christmas gift. >> happy new year. >> all right, what do we have here? >> look, wintertime, people are
10:49 am
going to go skiing and hanging out. you can do fun things with these, like actually record your skiing. >> what else can you do? >> put them on. >> now what's happening? >> now with one touch of a button on the side of the lens there, she's automatically recording everything she's seeing. >> don't look up and down. >> did she go up and down? >> that's what i do. what am i recording? >> everything you see. >> stop looking at me. >> this is really getting -- [ laughter ] where's the wine? now look, see this button right here? obviously, we did this on a white shirt, but this is a button camera. while you wk around, you could be recording video. they have different button sizes for all different types of shirts. >> crazy. >> i hope nobody comes in and does this to us. >> now a pen. the pen has a camera right there on it. but look, the good thing is, this actually writes. it's a pen that really does work. >> for a guy, you could put that
10:50 am
in your pocket. >> or be weird and hold your pen and have a conversation with your employer. >> it's kind of sick. you got to admit. >> we have a little video of you guys actually doing it. >> who had the pen cam? >> this is when we were with meredith. >> we were following you around a bit. >> you wonder why we're paranoid. >> we have to run, couple seconds. >> looks like your regular mp3 player, but it's a camera. if you're jogging around or wearing it, somebody could be recordg you. it does play music. >> basically, you're not safe anywhere. >> this is called the black box micro. >> tissue box. >> this is inside the tissue box with a hole right there. >> thank you, mario. we think. >> 007, guys. >> thanks a lot, guys. have a reason to toast this thanksgiving. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
do you want to serve up the gift of giving this thanksgiving? well, go for a bottle of wine that gives back. >> here to uncork the do gooders guide to holiday wines is leslie sbrocco. great to see you. >> hello. >> i love this segment idea. this is great. >> fabulous. >> get what you love and also do good for other people. >> the wine business is famous for that. these brands alone, there are so many that give to charity. these brands alone have given over a million dollars. i'm going to kick off with my favorite this season called the feast. it's from a company called cultivate wines, whose goal is to enjoy life and to give back. all of their charities, people can submit their own charity and you vote on them online. >> that's great. >> everybody decides. >> cultivate wines, this is about $28.
10:55 am
>> is this what you would give for the opening? this is delicious. >> this is for you, hoda. this is from train, the band train. >> good wine. >> save me san francisco wine company. this is calling all angels. >> you know how picky i am. that is delicious. >> $15. they have given this year $50,000 to family house. >> terrific. come on down, girl. >> hate to let that baby go. >> this is a nice red blend for the holidays, a little bag with nail polish, rouge nail polish and 100% of the proceeds go to step up women's network that actually empowers women through mentorship. >> delicious. >> isn't that good? >> i love that red. delicious. >> and i'm kind of ekeeping wit the female theme here, this wine founded by women for women. this is o for opportunity. it's a washington state chardonnay. beautiful, crisp, juicy, $15 a
10:56 am
bottle. they have put, since 2006, 40 underprivileged girls through college. >> lovely, very nice wine. >> delicious. >> now breast cancer, a lot of brands give and donate to breast cancer. this is from a breast cancer survivor. they are giving this year, through hand craft, $100,000 to breast cancer awareness and research. $15, but a great holiday wine. >> delicious. >> i like that. >> it's perfect for the holidays. >> beautiful. >> finally, bubbles, girls. little bubbles for you. this is barefoot bubbly. they have actually chosen to help keep beaches barefoot friendly. they have given $750,000 since 2007 to beach cleanup all around the world. >> next time you go to a clean beach, thank them. >> $10 a bottle, can't beat it for the holidays. next monday, so excited. >> guess who's coming!
10:57 am
>> flo rida. >> from twilight, so have an awesome weekend, everybody. >> see you monday! [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios;
10:58 am
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